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Såsom i en spegel

Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

Hoàn Tất VietSub HD
Thể loại:
Phim Tình Cảm
Quốc gia:
Đạo diễn:
Ingmar Bergman
Diễn viên:
Harriet Andersson, Gunnar Björnstrand, Max von Sydow
Thời lượng:
89 phút
Năm phát hành:
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Thông Tin Phim

Phim Phim Tình Cảm : Såsom i en spegel (1961), Hoàn Tất VietSub HD

"The power of obsession: these personal compulsions which deprive us of emotional interaction – all of it serving to exclude us one from another, victims of our own selfish endeavours. The intimacy of Bergman’s art is unparalleled for it reflects the pain of its creator in such an effortlessly naturalistic yet harrowing way. Bergman’s work is, perhaps, of the most self-indulgent sort but it always speaks to humanity’s greatest struggles. Bergman’s questions of the spiritual, the psychological, and the artistic are relevant to all of us (as Karin says in the film, “It is so horrible to see your own confusion and understand it.”). The film is also a prime representation of Bergman’s character portraits, as it was with Fanny and Alexander, Winter Light, Cries and Whispers, The Serpent’s Egg, and many others."

Phim Såsom i en spegel VietSub HD | Through a Glass Darkly 1961

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