Liêu Trai Chí Dị

Erotic Ghost Story (1987)

Hoàn Tất VietSub HD
Thể loại:
Phim Thần Thoại
Quốc gia:
Trung Quốc
Đạo diễn:
Ngai Choi Lam
Diễn viên:
Amy Yip, Chia Ling Ha, So Man
Thời lượng:
90 phút
Năm phát hành:
Like + Chia sẻ:
16 / 3 lượt
5.33 3 10 0
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Thông Tin Phim

Phim Phim Thần Thoại : Liêu Trai Chí Dị (1987), Hoàn Tất VietSub HD

Three vixens have meditated for 1,000 years to able to shed their animal natures and become human. For the final month of their rigors, they have moved near a village where women pray to a god of fertility. One sister visits the god's temple and thinks lustful thoughts. As she leaves, a priest confronts her, waing of dire consequences and of demons that will try to stop the vixens' transformation. Soon, the youngest sister saves a poor scholar from bandits and becomes enamored of him. Each sister visits him, and before long, the youth has made love to all three. After they invite him to stay with them, the playfulness takes a scary tu. Where can they tu for help?

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Phim Liêu Trai Chí Dị VietSub HD | Erotic Ghost Story 1987

Từ khóa:

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