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37°2 Buổi Sáng

Betty Blue (1986)

Hoàn Tất VietSub HD
Thể loại:
Phim Tình Cảm
Quốc gia:
Đạo diễn:
Jean-Jacques Beineix
Diễn viên:
Jean-Hugues Anglade, Béatrice Dalle, Gérard Darmon, Consuelo De Haviland, Clémentine Célarié, Jacques Mathou, Vincent Lindon, Jean-Pierre Bisson, Dominique Pinon, Bernard Hug, Catherine D*At, Claude Aufaure, Louis Bellanti, Dominique Besnehard,
Thời lượng:
120 phút
Năm phát hành:
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Thông Tin Phim

Phim Phim Tình Cảm : 37°2 Buổi Sáng (1986), Hoàn Tất VietSub HD

Zorg is a handyman working at in France, maintaining and looking after the bungalows. He lives a quiet and peaceful life, working diligently and writing in his spare time. One day Betty walks into his life, a young woman who is as beautiful as she is wild and unpredictable. After a dispute with Zorg';s boss they leave and Betty manages to get a job at a restaurant. She persuades Zorg to try and get one of his books published but it is rejected which makes Betty fly into a rage. Suddenly Betty';s wild manners starts to get out of control. Zorg sees the woman he loves slowly going insane. Can his love prevail even if it comes to the worst?

Phim 37°2 Buổi Sáng VietSub HD | Betty Blue 1986

Từ khóa:

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